Connect with us

Our community started with friends connecting via Discord, building a community through our time on a shared Conan: Exiles© server, and branching off to other shared game servers, before finally expanding into streaming and content creation. And from there, it just exploded.
So whether you're looking for a server to make friends on, a quiet place to build, a way to help learn or promote your content creation, or the whole community experience, there's something for everyone here.

Our Game Servers

Starting with our Conan: Exiles© server, and branching off to ARK: Survival Evolved©, Dark & Light©, Life is Feudal: Your Own©, 7 Days to Die©, Outlaws of the Old West© and more to come; we've hosted numerous servers as the community interests demand, but our Conan server will always take priority, as that's where it all began. You can learn more about the games we play and how to connect to our servers in the Servers tab.

Content Creators

Whether just starting out, or you already have your first 20,000 followers; The Deez Games Community is always an inviting community that welcomes not just your stream links, but also your questions about content creation. We have dozens of streamers among us across multiple platforms, and we always try to give back by sharing our favorites with our friends.
You can check them out in the Content Creators section of our Wiki

What is Game Therapy?

Game Therapy is something close to many people. It's that sense of comfort you get when playing a game alone or with others. It's that anxiety attack that ends when you press the power button. It's many things, but most importantly, it's something that makes your day suck a little less. People have many reasons for gaming, so whether you've got a chronic illness and are wheelchair bound, or you have PTSD and it helps calm your nerves to load up that new title you picked up, everyone can benefit from a bit of game therapy.
We'll be adding a section to the website later that addresses some of these reasons, and helps raise awareness for them.
So stick around and check back from time to time!