Conan: Exiles©

Conan: Exiles©, is a survival crafting game for PC and Console made by Funcom©, set in the world of Hyborea, where players must fight both the NPC's and the environment around them. From weather effects such as sandstorms and the biting cold, to exploring and conquering challenging dungeons, there is always a challenge to face.
So build, craft and conquer your foes as you attempt to escape the Exiled Lands alone or with friends.

7 Days to Die ©

7 Days to Die© is a survival crafting game for PC and Console that pits players against hordes of Zombies. Using a wildly customizable weapon and tool crafting and modifying system, a robust building mechanic laying out traps both mundane and complex with it's electrical system, you as the survivor must do whatever it takes to survive a post apocalyptic wasteland as you scavenge to reclaim whatever you can to make it to the next day, while preparing for the next blood moon, where a horde of zombies will attempt to seek you out.

Minecraft ©

Minecraft© is often referred to as the daddy of the Survival Crafting genre. Available on more platforms than any other single title, it's the second highest selling game of all time, with over 30 million copies sold. And this is for a reason. The game started a movement with not only it's genre bursting explosive beginnings, but it's pixellated charm has captivated audiences of all ages for over a decade.

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